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Bernd Petelkau in September 2020. | Photo: Stephan Eppinger

Cologne | The district party conference of the Cologne CDU takes place on September 4th. The CDU members of Cologne have the choice to confirm the previous party chairman Bernd Petelkau as chairman of the CDU or to elect the Breuer team. The Junge Union Köln (JU Köln) stands behind Bernd Petelkau.

The JU Cologne made this decision in support of Bernd Petelkau last Thursday evening. There was an intense discussion, according to the young politicians. The members of the JU district board voted twice. First of all, a “secret mood picture” was asked of the district board before the nomination. The result of this secret ballot:
• 11 board members were for Petelkau
• 1 member for Thomas Breuer
• 6 members abstained

Then there was probably another nomination with the following result:
• 13 board members voted to support Bernd Petelkau
• 3 voted against supporting Bernd Petelkau

The JU Köln claims “an absolute design requirement” for both personnel and factual issues. In addition, the JU Cologne declares that Bernd Petelkau made her a convincing offer to represent content and personnel within the Cologne CDU. The JU Cologne has clear personnel requirements for the district party conference on September 4th and calls for four positions:
As deputy district chairman of the CDU Cologne:
• Alexander Yohannes, JU Cologne district chairman
As assessors in the district executive committee of the CDU Cologne:
• Dominik Kaven
• Rebecca Kehrl, deputy. JU district chairwoman in Cologne
• Silvio Crapis, former JU Cologne chairman

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The JU Cologne district chairman Alexander Yohannes said in a written statement about the candidacy of Team Breuer: “It is also important to me to make it clear that Thomas Breuer is not an alternative for the younger generation. Both by the time he chose for his candidacy in the middle of the federal election campaign, as well as by the selection of his team, he impressively proves that any serious work in the party is not a major concern for him and that he and most of his team are only concerned with old ones To settle bills. ”

What Yohannes does not say is that Breuer already has two deputies with Dr. Janina Jänsch and Karl Alexander Mandl were nominated as candidates for the deputy district chairmanship of the CDU Cologne and thus there might no longer be an opportunity for the current JU Cologne chairman to become deputy party chairman.

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