‘The junk monster’, the cry of seeing the disaster in Zaldibar

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It’s been two months since Monday that the Zalbidar landfill disaster hit Alberto Sololuze and Joaquin Beltran. On April 6, the sound of the pot was heard to make the case heard and heard. Specifically, they have completed the report of the accident management and the demand for answers, with the help of the Zaldibar Argitu platform, the song ‘Junk monster’ and the video clip.

The group talks with the Red Dogs and the music by Miren Narbaiza and Kokein. In addition, other musicians have also participated in the creation of the song, such as Aitor Gorosabel of Su Ta Garra, Maite Arrotajauregi (Mursego), Malen de Red Puppy, David Karba and Jokin Bergarak. They have also worked with the images, including Unax Blanco, Natalie Hickey and Yanire Sagredo.

The song tells of what happened to Zaldibar. It is an explicit letter, reflecting in some way the unease of all citizens:

Rubbish monsters

he made us vomit,

nights are fire

he is lying.

Where does the smell come from?

How many square words …

There is no risk but

close the windows.

Country answers,

needs responsibilities

Light up Zaldibar!

Tie movement

rich possessions,

it creates misery

power hungry.

The poison we have created

give us a return,

no sludge fits

under the rug.

Towns Joaquin, Alberto

close to home

needs them

Light up Zaldibar!

Life was the greatest

but maybe not all.

Country answers,


Joaquin, Alberto

close to home

needs them

Light up Zaldibar!

The Zaldibar landfill collapsed on February 6th. Verter Recycling 2002 SM is managed by the Bizkaia Waste Plant. As a result of the liquidity, Sololuze and Beltran were buried under rubbish. On April 5, the search team found Alberto Sololuze’s vehicle in the landfill. Beltran was found the same day as the accident. Along with setting the alarm status, search work was slowed down. They are now searching the area where the car appeared.



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