Juno takes new pictures of the storms on Jupiter News of the storms on Jupiter, the spacecraft "Juno" takes pictures of new storms on Jupiter We publish to you our visitors New News Today, through our Saqr News and starting with the news, the Juno spacecraft takes new pictures of the storms on Jupiter.

The US space agency "NASA" revealed a new image of the spectacular storms " oil painting"On the Jupiter planet, these storms appear in the northern dynamic dynamic belt on the giant gas planet, and the spacecraft" Juno "was able to capture the set of images observed by the storm, NASA said the images show several bright clouds as well as a storm known as" white oval "He said.

Many of the images were captured for the brilliant clouds in the buyer's dynamic, north-north dynamic belt, possibly drawn from glacial ammonia crystals, or perhaps a mixture of ammonia and water.


Although the region as a whole seems chaotic, there is a pattern of rotating light-colored features on both sides of the northern and southern regions. Scientists believe that large dark areas are places where the clouds are deeper, based on infrared observations made At the same time by Juno and the ground-based supporting notes.


This color-enhanced image was captured on October 29, 2018, when the spacecraft made its sixteenth flight from Jupiter. At that time, Juno was 4,400 miles (7,000 km) from the peaks of the cloud planet, at 40 degrees Almost north.

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