the junta makes big announcements. Civil society and political parties invited to …

The National Rally and Development Committee has just made new decisions. The former ministers, governors, prefects and sub-prefects are respectively replaced by general secretaries, regional commanders, and unit commanders. As for the curfew, it is now from 10 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Another decision, all the former ministers are invited tomorrow to a meeting at the palace.

From that day on, the Secretaries General of all ministerial departments will ensure the continuity of current responsibilities. Regional governors are replaced by regional commanders. The sub-prefects and the prefects by the commanders of units of their localities.

Outgoing ministers and former presidents of institutions are invited to a meeting tomorrow at 11 am at the People’s Palace.

Any refusal to stand will be considered a rebellion against the CRND.

CNRD calls on officials to return to work on Monday

All arrangements will be made to ensure the safety of peaceful citizens and their property. All units of the interior are asked to keep calm and avoid movements towards Conakry.

The road gendarmerie and police detachments must ensure compliance with these measures.

In addition, the curfew is introduced from 8 p.m. throughout the national territory until further notice.

In additional information, we want to reassure the national and international community that the physical and moral integrity of the former president is not engaged.

We have taken all measures to ensure that he has access to health care and that he is also in contact with his doctors. Everything will be fine. When the time comes, we will issue press releases.

Conakry on September 5, 2021
The President of the CNRD, Colonel Mamady Doumbouya

Junta invites leaders of civil society and political parties to meet

Little by little, the Alpha Condé page is being turned. In another press release released this evening, the Guinean putschists continue to justify their coup against the Alpha Condé regime. According to them, the act they have taken today is “an inaugural action to create the conditions for a rule of law”. Communicated

Dear compatriots,

The gesture we are taking today is not a coup d’etat but an inaugural action to create the conditions for a state. More precisely a rule of law. Because the political history of our country, marked by violence, injustices and inequalities proves that in Guinea the will of the strongest has always supplanted the law. Since gaining independence, the authoritarian spirit has triumphed over the spirit of the just and the reasonable. And it is moreover because we consider this deeply abnormal and unjustifiable situation that we have decided to act, to make a gesture around which we want to mobilize all good conscience in order to get our country out of the political curse.

Dear compatriots,

Our action is not a coup d’etat. It only reflects the legitimate aspiration of people to want to live in an environment where basic human needs can be met. Where it is possible for everyone, without fear, to enjoy life, to study, to take care of themselves, to work humbly without being subjected to the constraints of informal networks. Where, finally, power is responsible for its population.

We want to reconcile politics and people. Our gesture is therefore nothing other than the expression of our desire for dignity that you certainly share with us. However, it is because respect for our dignity has been flouted since 1958 by a minority which confiscates power and its economic advantages that we have taken the initiative, summoned by a sense of duty, to create the conditions for a new political and social departure. The action we are taking today is therefore a first step. An inaugural moment.

Dear compatriots!