The juppéiste Gilles Boyer en route to Matignon

The juppéiste Gilles Boyer en route to Matignon

He goes to find his friend, the prime minister, Edouard Philippe. According to the information of the World, the juppéiste Gilles Boyer is expected to join the prime minister’s office soon. The candidate of the party, The Republicans (LR) in the parliamentary elections in the 8e district of the Hauts-de-Seine, a follower of Alain Juppé was beaten in the second round by the candidate of The Republic’s power.

With his arrival in the Rue de Varenne, Matignon will become a stronghold of the juppéisme within the new power. Gilles Boyer and Edouard Philippe are, in fact, the bodyguard of the mayor of Bordeaux. In the fall of 2016, they have been the two principal architects of the campaign of Alain Juppé in a primary from the right.

Since the election of Emmanuel Macron to the presidency of the Republic, Gilles Boyer was a supporter of the rapprochement of a part of a LR with the new head of State, to the point that his name was mentioned, before its defeat in the legislative, as a possible minister in the government of Edouard Philippe.

Very similar politically, the two quadras also share the same literary tastes. Together, they have signed two crime novels political : moment of truth (Flammarion, 2007) and In the shadow (Lattès, 2011).

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