The jury of America’s Got Talent went crazy from a dog dancer from Hungary

An Australian Shepherd named Christine Elisabeth and Meredith, Bérczes, made it to the top of America’s Got Talent Talent Search with four dances in a dance production that has only been seen by one and a half million on Facebook alone.

In Bérczes Hollókő he breeds Australian Shepherds and runs a dance school. In a previous interview with, he said that he had heard about the dog dancing genre from a girlfriend, took an online course in 2016, and has been teaching from there under the coronavirus online.

The jury for AGT’s seventeenth grade was completely away from Bérczes ’and Meredith’s production, just as presenter Terry Crews and faces cut from the audience wiped away their tears in the end.

Fur-hearted jury member Simon Cowell even said he thought there would be dance competitions in the future where people would sign up with their dogs, Sofia Vergara said she still wanted to see it, and everyone but Cowell stood up and applauded. at the end of the monster scene.

If you don’t see the video here, you can watch it at this link: