The jury of “Zelta Mikrofons’23” starts evaluating entries

“Zelta Mikrofons’23” albums are evaluated in 11 genre categories, debut, album design and songs are distinguished separately. The jury also evaluates the audiovisual performance in the video and concert recording categories. Album of the Year is voted on from the leaders of all album categories”. The song most played on radio stations will receive an award in the Radio Hits category, while the new nomination “Most streamed record with Elektrum” will award the most played song or composition on music streaming sites. Audience members can give their musical favorites a crush award by participating in the “Elvi Song of the Year” vote, which will close during the ceremony.

“Even though this year the number of applications for the “Zelta Mikrofons” music recording of the year award is slightly less than last year, in general, the applied recordings provide an objective picture of music life in Latvia in 2022,” says music critic and journalist Jānis Žilde, who was elected as a jury member for the first time this year chairman.

Žilde outlines the challenges of the jury’s work: “As every year, a big test for the jury is to put all the submitted works into shelves or categories, the number of which is limited. For example, jazz is again paired with funk, rock with metal, because there are not always enough entries in each genre number, the “Golden Microphone” ceremony also needs to adapt to the compact requirements of a live television broadcast. Traditionally, the “Debut” category needs to be adjusted, because already well-known and experienced musicians with ten, fifteen and even longer years of experience in the music industry still want to see their works in this nomination , which is not in line with the philosophical setting expressed in the award regulations, namely “the priority of the “Debut” category is the evaluation of new talents”. and full-length albums.Therefore, in order to follow the spirit of the times, as well as to show pr coming to individual musicians, there are intense discussions about changes in the award rules regarding the timing of the EP.”

While the results are being compiled, “Zelta Mikrofons’23” in cooperation with “Zaļa josta” and “Elvi” invites you to participate in the campaign “Old phone or Zelta Mikrofons?”, to hand over your old mobile phones for recycling. Encouraging long-term thinking and understanding of the recycling of raw materials, special boxes will be placed in ELVI stores throughout Latvia until February 1, in which to leave used phones in order to obtain gold for gilding microphone statuettes by recycling them. Share On average, one mobile phone contains 0.034 grams of gold. In order to obtain the required amount of recycled gold for the gilding of one Golden Microphone statuette, it would be enough to transfer at least 100 mobile phones for reprocessing.

It has already been reported that the annual Latvian music recording award “Zelta Mikrofons’23” will take place on February 18, 2023 at the International Exhibition Center in Ķīpsala, with the audience also present for the first time. Tickets for the ceremony can be purchased at The winners of “Zelta Mikrofons’23” will receive two awards – a physical statuette and a digital one. The internationally recognized Latvian artist KIWIE creates a different NFT for each nomination, or brings the statuette to life in digital crypto-art.