the killer discovered 62 years later

The “Mount Everest” of cold houses has been solved: rape e the murder of a 9-year-old girl Candice “Candy” Elaine Rogers happened 62 years ago in the US in Spokane. The little girl disappeared in March 1959 and was found after sixteen days of searching: raped and strangled to death with a piece of her clothes. The murderer is John Reigh Hoff who at the time, was 20 years old and lived a few hundred meters from Candy. The man committed suicide in 1970 at the age of 31 after being arrested for assaulting a woman. The key to the investigation, Cbsnews reports, was the DNA of a sperm sample taken from the girl’s clothes and analyzed by a Texas laboratory with a state-of-the-art test earlier this year.

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The result entered into a genealogical database narrowed potential matches to three siblings. John Reigh Hoff was the only one of the three to have children. The daughter was open to a comparison with her own DNA and the results showed that it was 2.9 million times more likely that that sample was related to that taken from Candy’s clothes than the rest of the population. The final proof, however, came from the body of the man who was exhumed. The recovered samples raised the odds of Hoff being the killer to a staggering 25 quintillion. Investigators’ determination coupled with technology helped solve one of the most heinous and disturbing crimes of all time, that of Spokane.

Last updated: Tuesday 23 November 2021, 08:24