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The drama Korean The king: Eternal monarch captivated with a fabric of science fiction, which sparked the story of an impossible love affair, will issue its final chapter on Friday, June 12. However, for a party of fanatics kdrama this would not happen based on the loose ends that still have not been resolved and who expect a second season.

Among the audience we have generated a series of theories that could justify a second part of this production starring Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun.

YOU CAN SEE Explanation of travel temporary of Lee Min Ho in The king: Eternal monarch

These speculations started from a YouTube channel called I Am Ale she shared a video about the possible second season The king: Eternal monarch.

In this article, we will analyze the loose ends left in the plot of the kdrama SBS and Netflix.

1. The child of the yo-yo

Still not resolved, the scene in which Lee Gon see a recording of security where it appears the child’s I-self in front of the library and watch Jung Tae Eul.

Let us remember that in this scene dorama the king is very surprised because the clothes that he used his beloved was not that he wore that day.

YOU CAN SEE Explanation of travel temporary of Lee Min Ho in The king: Eternal monarch

2. Open end of The king: Eternal monarch

Another theory is that, when Lee Gon and Eun Seop return the day of the betrayal, Jung Eun appears —then convince Shinjae— and help to capture Lee Rim.

That means that the prisoner, the detective and his friend return to the Republic of Korea to judge him, but as they can not do so under its laws, it could be put to a psychiatric centre.

This decision is taken then that Lee Gon realize that the constant travels from one universe to another are damaging to the time line, so you decide to close it definitely.

The king: Eternal monarch. Credits: SBS

This is the video, where the fan of the dorama explained in detail on other theories which would open the possibility of there being a second season The king: Eternal monarch.

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It should be noted that, Netflix or SBS have not ruled on a second season of The king: Eternal monarch.

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Curiosities of The King: Eternal monarch

-Counting The king: Eternal monarch, Lee Min Ho and actress Kim Young-Ok would be working for the second time in a dorama. The first time was for Boys over flowerswhere did a lady of the keys of Gu Jun Pyo.

-In the press conference prior to the premiere of the drama, Lee Min Ho and Woo Do Hwan staged a funny scene of bromance in front of the cameras of the media.

Lee Min Ho and Woo Do Hwan

Lee Min Ho and Woo Do Hwan have fun interaction on Instagram

-Despite the fact that it had announced the premiere of two episodes per week, the chapter 13 was postponed for may 30, so that the issuance of the final was rescheduled for June 12.

-The channel SBS announced that they decided not to issue on may 29, a chapter of The king: Eternal monarch to raise public awareness about the outbreak of the COVID-19. Transmitted the tape Viruses.

-The name of the drama in Korean, romanized is: ‘Deo wieon: Yeongwonui gunju’ and in hangul it would be: ‘더 킹: 영원의 군주’.

– In chapter 8, BTS performs an important cameo by means of a journal.

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The owner of this newspaper says: “BTS takes over the world”.

And in the body of the article quote: “the BTS, which makes the heart of the world. Remains at the top of the chart top albums Billboard in EE. UU. For 10 consecutive weeks… is writing a new history in Kpop?”.

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YOU CAN SEE Theories impacting on the final chapter of the drama The king: Eternal monarch

Trailer ep. 16 of The King: Eternal monarch

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Explanation of the time travel TKEM

In chapter 14, the temporary line of The king: Eternal monarch suffered several changes due to Lee Gon and Lee Rim traveled to the past to try to change it. When the king succeeds, save when he was a child, tries to return, but realizes that it can’t.

The following link will explain in detail about time travel that made Lee Min Ho. HERE

The King Eternal Monarch: episode 14

The King Eternal Monarch: episode 14

Theories about the ep 16 of TKEM

On the approach of the episode 16 drama Korean, thousands of fans have separated a number of theories about the possible outcome that you have this history of impossible love.

In the following article you will find a detail thoroughly. HERE

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