The known trade union patent of fraud on a citizen in gold bullion


Zahraa Habib The second minor criminal court sentenced the known trade unionist accused of fraud and fraud to citizens and selling them gold bullion, some of them not exceeding 600 dinars, and signing a debt bond ranging from 15 to 20 thousand dinars, for lack of evidence. One of the victims filed a known trade union complaint against fraud and gave it an alloy of market value far below the amount of the debt bond it had signed. The charges against the accused came after the beating of a number of citizens with his share, taking advantage of people’s need for money, and giving them gold bars to sell them in their own way, while signing a debt bond of more than 15 thousand dinars. The citizens discovered that they had been victims of fraud by the “well-known” syndicate when they went to sell the bullion given by the accused, to surprise that their price was much lower than the amount written in the bond of indebtedness they had signed before receiving the bullion. The other surprise came when they were told that there were requests for payment Bond value. It is noteworthy that one of the people who signed the bond of indebtedness within the gold bullion filed a civil suit to demand the discharge of the amount of 4,230 dinars, the value of the remaining value of the bond of indebtedness in exchange for a gold alloy of the union known, signed a documented amount of five thousand dinars, Sell ​​it as not worth more than 770 dinars only.


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