The Korda villa is sold: It has been revealed who bought the property worth billions

After a year and a half, we managed to sell II. district Korda villa.

Image: TV2

The property was purchased by a company of Timur Rahimkulov, a billionaire businessman of Russian origin but living in Hungary, the Glance.

The property was previously sold by the Korda couple for 780 million, and although it previously seemed there is a buyer for it, the sale ultimately did not take place.

It was revealed what their new neighbors said to the Korda couple

According to the Blikk report, the Korda villa has a new owner, Gorod Pro Kft.

According to the Opten company database available on the world wide web, the managing director of the company dealing with the sale and purchase of real estate is Timur Rahimkulov, who in 2022 is the 11th richest person in the country according to the Forbes list: his wealth is estimated at HUF 172.8 billion. The Russian-Hungarian dual-citizen businessman is a worthy follower of his father, Megdet Rahimkulov, who previously also lived in Hungary and is recognized in international business life, whose fortune is estimated at HUF 400,000 billion, making him the 54th richest person in Russia. According to the article, Timur Rahimkulov and his brother, Ruszlan, in addition to their substantial real estate assets, recently had a significant stake in OTP and Mol, and they also own one of Buda’s elegant nightclubs, Symbol, and we know that there has been talk of buying NB I football team from Újpest, the newspaper reports.

György Korda confirmed the information to Blikk, that the property was indeed sold.

We sold it recently, we managed to agree with the really nice new owner. I think it’s in good hands, and we’re already living in our new apartment. We are getting used to it, but many things still haven’t fallen into place.

It is not known how much the villa was sold for, but according to real estate expert László Balogh, the value of the property can be estimated at roughly one billion forints.

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2023-06-07 14:18:00