Photo: Andrey Nikerichev / AGN “Moscow”

Photo: Andrey Nikerichev / AGN “Moscow”

The Kremlin is optimistic about the incidence rate of COVID-19 in Russia. This was stated by presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov, reports RBC.

“The numbers of statistics on morbidity are probably encouraging,” he said, adding that everyone should take care of themselves and their loved ones.

To the question of whether it is possible to mitigate the restrictive measures introduced in connection with the epidemic, Peskov answered that the danger still remains. “It is most relevant for those citizens who are at risk. This danger will persist for some time, which no one knows for sure, ”Peskov explained.

Sands did not install COVID-19 disease control application

Dmitry Peskov

Prior to this, the presidential spokesman said that he had returned to “normal life” after he had been ill with COVID-19. According to him, he is still in home quarantine and works remotely.


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