The Kremlin is clear. He announced to which countries he would not supply any gas

Russia is guided by its own interests and will not shoot itself in the foot, said Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov. He was reacting to the ongoing discussions on the introduction of a price ceiling for oil and gas, which are being conducted within the European Union and among the G7 countries. A Kremlin spokesman said clearly and emphatically that they would completely stop supplies to countries that cap prices.

Either your gas will be expensive or you won’t get any. Russia sent this message to the world, that is, especially to European countries, which continue to negotiate on the possible capping of gas prices. “Russia takes the position that it will not do business with countries that introduce a price ceiling,” Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said clearly in an interview with Russia’s Rossiya-1 TV channel.

“Our country will not shoot itself in the foot in any case. We have already learned to be reasonable and follow only our own interests,” Peskov emphasized. And it’s not just about gas. In the case of the introduction of a price ceiling, the states that introduce this measure will also come for oil. At the initiative of the United States, the G7 group is seeking a price ceiling, which proposes $65 to $70 per barrel.

​The European Union is also discussing the proposal, where six countries opposed it, Reuters writes. Some states find this price cap too high to have the desired effect and are proposing to lower it. For example, Poland is pushing for it to be set at $30 a barrel and has received support from Lithuania and Estonia.

The countries of the European Union cannot even agree on capping gas prices. This week, according to Reuters, the European Commission proposed 275 euros per megawatt hour on the Dutch exchange. “We want to protect residents and businesses from extreme price increases,” said European Energy Commissioner Kadri Simsonová.

So far, however, it has not been possible to reach an agreement on EU soil, on Thursday the energy ministers discussed the price ceiling for gas: