The La Laguna court shelves the Cranes case | Radio Club Tenerife

The Court of Instruction Number 2 of San Cristobal de La Laguna has decreed the filing of the proceedings in the so-called ‘Crane Case’. It is a resolution that comes after the Second Chamber of the Supreme Court did the same in the case of the former president of the Canary Islands and senator for the Canary Islands Coalition, Fernando Clavijo.

Precisely, magistrate María Celia Blanco, based on the reasoning of the aforementioned order of the High Court, decrees the file of “the case because the facts initially denounced and investigated are not constitutive of the crime of prevarication and embezzlement.”

These events affected the former mayor of La Laguna, Jose Alberto Díaz, as well as the mayor Antonio Míguel Pérez Godiño and Rosario Hernández Eugenio.