The lady in black undoes the bluff of Sánchez-Iglesias (Ernesto Ekaizer)

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The fifth extension of the state of alarm has been a health poker game – the extension of the state of alarm was requested to protect the health of citizens – where a bluff has been consummated.

The dictionary of the Spanish Royal Academy defines it thus:

“Propaganda montage intended to create a prestige that later turns out to be false.”

In the negotiation of the agreement with EH Bildu, in which Pablo Echenique, spokesman for the confederal group Unidas Podem, also participated, the socialist Adriana Lastra proposed as a condition that the pact be announced after the end of the session. EH Bildu did not object if this made it easier to sign the agreement. The PSOE did not want to provoke the anger of Cs and jeopardize its 10 votes.

The agreement, released around 9pm, spoke of a “full repeal” and stated that this repeal must be effective “before the end of the extraordinary measures taken by the government in economic and social matters arising from the crisis caused by the covid-19 ”.

Lastra, who later said he had not been present at the drafting of the agreement, rectified it with a note issued about midnight amending the original version

Economy Minister and third vice president, Nadia Calviño, who was unaware of the pact, persuaded Sánchez, on learning of the news, that it was a mistake that produced legal insecurity in the face of the approaching recession. The president commissioned Lastra to rectify. It was no longer a question of “repealing in its entirety” the labor reform: the reform would be partial and relative to the “most harmful” issues.

Church Response

Pablo Iglesias reacted on Thursday in defense of the original agreement, stating that he was obliged to comply with it. “I will be crystal clear: pact are servanda “, He said, quoting the famous Latin phrase that agreements must be honored. The Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, insisted on this idea: “What is signed is fulfilled.”

The earthquake led the unions to express their opposition and the employer CEOE to announce their departure from the social dialogue table.

On the other hand, the Minister of Labor, who maintains an increasingly close relationship with Pedro Sánchez and who works with his teams in a draft of this reform, remained silent.

The sources consulted point out that although Sánchez knew, as he pointed out in his speech in the congressional debate, the negotiations with EH Bildu, he was unaware of the literalness of the agreement reached. Lastra, in turn, disregarded, he said, the writing.

The defense of the pact by Pablo Iglesias and Irene Montero would indicate, according to these sources, that the pact with EH Bildu has sought compensation for the two government agreements with Citizens to extend the state of alarm.

EH Bildu, who had abstained in the previous four votes, played to be like the Basque Nationalist Party (PNB), that is to say, attainer of advantages, a fact that will use in the campaign of the Basque elections of the 12 of July. And this despite his refusal to condemn, on Wednesday 20, the attack on the home of the leader of the Basque Socialists, Idoia Mendia, where some radicals threw red paint and leaflets with the word assassin.

The goal scored by Sánchez and Iglesias is probably the loudest misstep since the formation of a coalition government.

And all under the silence of Yolanda Díaz, the Minister of Labor who is responsible for the weight of any labor reform.



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