The largest photovoltaic self-consumption system in Portugal is being implemented at the Renault plant in Cacia – Executive Digest

ENGIE Hemera announced that it is implementing what is the largest self-consumption photovoltaic system in Portuguese territory at the Renault plant in Cacia, in the municipality of Aveiro.

“With this solution developed by ENGIE Hemera, the Renault Group factory that has been producing parts and components for the automotive industry since September 1981, will now produce and consume green energy in its facilities, reinforcing its commitment to decarbonization and sustainability, energy saving and the strategic commitment to own energy production”, underlines the company from the universe ENGIE Portugal, specialized in engineering, development, installation and operation of medium and large-scale solar photovoltaic systems, for B2B customers in a note sent to this Monday to the media.

According to the company, the approximately 13 thousand modules installed occupy a land with a total area of ​​46 thousand square meters, the equivalent of more than four football fields. reaching an installed power greater than 6 megawatt-peak (MWp), generating, on average, an annual energy production of 8 GWh.

At issue is an energy saving of 13% for Renault Cacia, thus reducing its ecological footprint, avoiding the emission of 1.8 thousand tons of CO2.

For this 13% of its consumption, Renault is no longer exposed to fluctuations in the market price of electricity, over the next 25 years, at a time when these prices are breaking records.

“This project, the largest photovoltaic self-consumption system in Portugal, allows Renault Cacia to take a fundamental step towards the energy transition. The bet allows this manufacturing facility to produce its own energy, even greener, and obtain high savings on its energy bill. It is with a great sense of responsibility that ENGIE Hemera has teamed up with Renault to be part of its very ambitious plan for decarbonisation”, commented Duarte Caro de Sousa, General Director of ENGIE Hemera.

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