The largest pumpkin garden in Europe

Halloween is approaching and also in Campania Spookley arrives, the square pumpkin of the Netflix cartoon, which fights discrimination with the largest pumpkin patch in Europe and the wall set up with pumpkins of all colors to raise awareness on the theme of diversity

From 24 September to 1 November 2022 in Pignataro Maggiore, in the province of Caserta, there will be “The Pumpkin Garden” with Spookley the squared pumpkin from the famous book by Emily Turino and the Netflix cartoon.

Spookley is the famous square pumpkin that fights discrimination and we will find it with the largest pumpkin patch in Europe and the wall set up with pumpkins of all colors to raise awareness on the issue of diversity. Spookley is marginalized by her form, and her story teaches children about the beauty of diversity.

In the pumpkin garden they will be found also his books and a 3D mural made by the street artist Vito Mercuriostudent and collaborator of Kurt Wenner, creator of 3D street art.

The largest “pumpkin garden” in Europe

The garden every year welcomes more than 30 thousand visitors from all over Italy and it is a beautiful place. Wrapped in a star-striped atmosphere we will find the barn, the typical red trolleys, the open “pick up” van seen in many films and TV series, the animal farm with the alpaca, the giant rabbits, the Shetland horses and the crusader donkeys that give milk.

And then the gigantic 7000 square meter corn mazewhere you can literally get lost in the midst of nature and find the rare colored corn cobs “gem corn” formerly cultivated by Native Americans and the “mums”, the chrysanthemum plants, which in the USA are a symbol of respect and life. Many all-American rites have arrived in Italy in Pignataro Maggiore.

The visit to the pumpkin patch of Pignataro Maggiore

In Pignataro Maggiore, easily reachable from Naples with the Autostrada per Roma, the event will last a month. But what happens in the pumpkin garden? First of all, in the pumpkin patch you choose your favorite pumpkin to give free rein to creativity and yes participate in carving or painting workshops. More are planted in the garden of 90 thousand pumpkins of 58 varieties.

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You can stop along the way in the thematic bar to enjoy sweets and pumpkin spice lattethe fragrant cappuccino made with the secret “pumpkin spice”, a delicious blend of five spices, also used for drinks, biscuits and autumn cakes such as “pumpkin bread”. In the refreshment area there is a rich menu strictly based on pumpkin: pizza, gnocchi, meatballs, fries, desserts and biscuits.

The garden, which has been significantly enlarged, supports the environment and the fight against waste. In the pumpkin store you can buy books, beautiful dried flowers, corn on the cob, spices and gadgets all with an autumn theme.

How to visit Pumpkin Garden with Spookley

  • The Pumpkin Garden is located in Pignataro Maggiore, easily reachable from Naples with the motorway to Rome
  • The garden is open until November 1st every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  • The street food area is only open on weekends.
  • The recommended stay is two hours
  • Reservations are required through the site indicating the date, time of access and type of laboratory.
  • Information – Facebook page
  • Information – official site

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