The laser as a way to say "We're here!" to the extraterrestrials, the MIT thinks

The laser as a way to say "We're here!" to the extraterrestrials, the MIT thinks


A study published by MIT researchers suggests that the Earth could serve as an XXL beacon for projecting a laser thousands of light-years away.

If other forms of life are scattered somewhere in the Universe, which is totally unknown, scientists are desperate to attract them to Earth … at our peril. If the second degree is appropriate, the study made public by the famous MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) is very serious. Researchers believe that laser technology could be transformed into a kind of planetary "porch light" powerful enough to capture attention far, far into the universe.

A beacon emitted up to 20,000 light-years

The author of the study published in The Astrophysical Journal, James Clark, believes that the beacon emitted from the Earth could attract attention at a distance of 20,000 light-years. In kilometers, it gives something like 18921462000000000000. Not the door next door, is not it?

To arrive at this estimate, this MIT aeronautics and astronautic graduate specifies that if a 1 to 2 megawatt laser were to be focused in a gigantic telescope of 30 to 45 meters, this one, directed towards the space, would produce a beam of infrared radiation powerful enough to distinguish itself from the sun.

MIT hopes that this signal can be detected by extraterrestrial astronomers, in which case the same laser could be used as messaging, in the form of Morse code-like pulses. And this idea excites Clark: "If we succeed […] to start communicating, we could send a message, at a transmission rate of a few hundred bits per second, which would arrive in a few years. "

The message to ET, it's really possible?

On the feasibility of such a project, James Clark is optimistic: "It would be an ambitious project, but not impossible. " The scientist plans to rely on existing technologies, such as lasers and telescopes, and others that can be developed in the short term.

Currently, two giant telescopes are under construction in Chile: the Giant Magellan, 24 meters; and the Extremely Large, 39 meters. However, such a beam would present security problems, especially for our eyes. It could also scramble all the cameras of a spaceship. AND … are you there?

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