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The laser light art by Studio Roosegaarde follows a floating waste of space in the sky

A dazzling neon green light show illuminates the night sky in the latest large-scale art installation by Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde, the Space Waste Lab Performance. Created as part of the Space Waste Lab, the performance uses real-time tracking information to visualize the space debris floating above our heads with bright green LEDs following the movement of the driving garbage. The series of live installations, launched on October 5 in the Dutch city of Almere, aims to raise awareness of the problem of space wastage and sustainable upcycling solutions.

Person looking at green lights in the dark sky above

According to Studio Roosegaarde, more than 29,000 space debris – around 8.1 million kilograms – are currently floating around the earth. Classified as objects more than 10 centimeters in size, garbage covers everything from broken rockets to chipped satellite pieces. The drifting scrap poses a threat to the current satellites and can disrupt digital communications, but there is no clear plan how to solve the growing problem. In response, the Dutch design studio Space Waste Lab, with the support of the European Space Agency (ESA), has launched to raise awareness and find ways to turn waste into sustainable products.

green laser lights in a dark sky

Crowd looking up at green laser lights in the cloudy sky

The Space Waste Lab Performance, which was launched earlier this month, marks the first phase of the Living Lab. Developed in compliance with stringent safety and aviation regulations, the large light show uses state-of-the-art software and camera technology to monitor portions of the drifting space debris in real time with powerful, neon green LEDs projecting at a distance of 125,000 to 136,000 miles.

two people looking up at green laser light in the cloudy sky

People in the room looking at research

"I firmly believe in the collaboration between technologists and artists," said ESA Director Franco Ongaro about Space Waste Lab. "Not only do artists convey visions and feelings to the public, they also help us to discover aspects of our work that we often can not perceive, and this collaboration is all the more important when it comes to issues like space debris that will someday affect our futures and our lives We must speak in various ways not only to convey the dry technological aspects of technology, but also to convey the emotions that are in the struggle to preserve that environment for future generations arise. "

Person holding glass cubes

green lights reflecting from the city into sky

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Space Waste Lab will be open to the public until 19 January 2019 in the Almere art gallery and will be complemented by the exhibition "Space @ KAF" next door. The Space Waste Lab Performance will be shown during the nights of October 5th and 6th after sunset. 9 and 10 November; 7 and 8 December; and on January 18 and 19, 2019. The surrounding street and commercial lights are turned off at these times to enhance the experience. Phase 2 of the program will start after January 2019 and will explore ways to detect and upcycle space debris.

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