The last days of Ikea in Russia

The list of companies leaving the Russian market continues to grow. After the big American tech or entertainment companies, it’s IKEA’s turn to announce the cessation of its activities in the country. A sudden turnaround for the Swedish group. ” In a press release, Ikea explains this closure by “serious disruptions in the production and marketing chain”. The company has three production sites in Russia. The closure will leave around 15,000 employees and collaborators in the country, but also in Belarus, where Ikea is also ceasing its activities. » reports L’Obs.

The magazine relays the videos of crowds and queues in local stores following the announcement: ” If they may seem innocuous, these queues testify to the psychological impact of the economic sanctions imposed on Russia, which are beginning to be felt in the population. This week, similar queues were seen outside some ATMs in major cities across the country, as the ruble hit an all-time low. Some chaos was also seen earlier this week in the Moscow metro, the suspension of the Apple Pay service in the country having slowed down access to the platforms. »

The announcement of very broad sanctions against Russian economic interests and political figures in the country has put pressure on Western companies established in the country. Ikea had also started by announcing that its stores would remain open before retracting. The outcry provoked in Sweden was enough to make him change his mind: “The devastating war in Ukraine is a human tragedy and our deepest empathy and concern goes out to the millions of people affected,” said the group, world leader in the sector. The Ikea foundation, for its part, announced a donation of 20 million euros in response to the UN’s appeal to deal with the humanitarian crisis. »

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