The last days of Kandech Evelyne

Her friends told me about Kandech Evelyne’s last week, who persevered until the final moment with the former megastar singer. According to friends, Evelyne believed in healing all along and was willing to try anything to overcome the disease. The three friends visited Blikk to pour clear water into the glass about Evelyne’s last years and her death. It was also said that Evelyne – Although the country knew her as Kandech – allegedly wrote her name without the letter C, she also registered on the largest social networking site as Kandeh.

“His friends also gave each other the doorknob in the hospital, we loved it very much,” one of Evelyne’s friends, Kristóf, told Blikk.

Kristóf recounted that the singer died on the evening of October 14, at the age of 37 he was first diagnosed two years ago with the cruel disease he had fought heroically, but in the end he could not win.

“His illness, which recently entered an incurable stage, has been revealed for more than two years. He first went on treatments for a year to managed to reach a state he could live with. Cancer never disappeared, but it wasn’t bad, he lived his life He said, so when she got into the Blue Ball Street Oncology two weeks ago, she was still there.

“It was also surgery, but when it turned out it was no longer a viable option, he reported for an experimental treatment he had hoped for a lot. We filled out the paperwork together, but unfortunately he couldn’t start the treatment anymore. Everything turned bad very quickly … No one expected that, neither did he. He planned to start a new business three days before he was admitted to the hospital. He had smaller lands around Pécs, on which he wanted to engage in organic farming – Blikk continued.

He left on Thursday night so we took him in the day before. Last week we were still together at church on Sunday, he was still working three weeks ago, he was lively and cheerful, but his condition deteriorated a lot day by day, ”continued Gabi, who had been Evelyne’s direct colleague for years. The singer worked in a café in Buda for four years, she did not miss even during the treatments.

He had incredible strength in him, even if he was in pain, he didn’t show, he was riding a bike at dawn. I remember the last time he was inside, jumping around my neck, cheering and telling me that he would finally have the surgery and then everything would be fine. We’re all completely on the floor because we really didn’t expect that, ”the man confessed, trying to comply with Evelyne’s request along with the others.

“Although he was born in Pécs, his life took place in Budapest, so he wanted us to be buried here, whatever happens to him ” Christopher said, saying that Evelyne was very important to her father, Ahmed, who lived in Sierra Leone.

“They communicated little, but despite the fact that they only met once in their lives, his father was important to him. We are constantly discussing the funeral with the Hungarian and African parts of the family,” said Kristóf, who wants everyone to know that Evelyne they loved him, they stood by him, and he never gave up.