The last interview was directed by Dmitry Brusnikin by the newspaper Izvestia. The conversation was recorded in June, and the reader was to see him on the eve of the opening of a new theatrical season. But, as it happened, the interview was on the day of farewell to the honored artist of Russia, who died on August 9.
"Brusnikin's Workshop" only found a permanent home. The director was going to implement new projects in the theater "Practice". He was appointed art director in May 2018. According to him, he was familiar with this scene for many years.
– Since the moment when the guys who now call themselves "Brusnikin's Workshop", studied at the first year of the Moscow Art Theater School. At the end of the course, they had a job "This is me too." Together we experienced a new system, not yet known to the theatrical pedagogical world, – the technique of verbatim. Students went out into the street, talked with passers-by, learned from them the most different stories and filmed everything on video. We succeeded in capturing people with this phenomenon, the so-called new documentary theater. The performance turned out. And the effect was unexpected for me, it was impossible to get to the exam for my students. We even had to show this exam several times, and not only the department, but also everyone. One of the shows was Ivan Vyrypaev, then the artistic director of the "Practice" theater. He offered to make a big performance from this exam, which would be played in his theater, – said Dmitry Brusnikin.
As previously reported by the Fifth Channel, the farewell ceremony with the director will begin on Monday, August 13 at 11 o'clock at the Moscow Art Theater named after Chekhov. Later, a funeral service will be held in the Temple of Sophia of the Wisdom of God. Dmitry Brusnikin will be buried at the Troekurovsky cemetery.


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