The Last of Us 2: Director Denies Game Lasts Longer Over Marketing Decision

The Last of Us hard, according HowLongToBeat, 15 and a half hours. The Last of Us Parte II it extends until 23 hours according to the same website and can be extended until 38 for those who want to get everything. This difference is what has led some players to speculate thatl ttulo of PS4 is alargado not because of Naughty Dog’s wish, but because of him equipo de marketing de PlayStation, who published Days Gone (38 and a half hours) and God of War (20 and a half hours). However, the creative director and co-writer of TLOU2, Neil Druckmann denies that was the case.

“Someone recently said, ‘The games are too long,’ and part of their line of thought they are saying is, ‘It’s because marketing means how great the games are and that’s how they’re going to sell the game.'” Druckmann commented on Relate with actor Troy Baker. The phrase mentioned about the duration of the games is from Shawn Layden, former president of Sony Worldwide Studios.

“In my 16 year career at Naughty Dog Marketing, never once has he given us a creative edge saying ‘this should be in the game’ or ‘the game should be this long’ or ‘this short’ or ‘have this function’ “, ensures the director of The Last of Us Parte II. “Not once in my 16-year career has this happened to me. I’m not saying that doesn’t happen, just that it never happened to us.”.

Naughty Dog eliminated scenes from TLOU2 to improve the rhythm

In fact, Druckmann has spoken in the past that they had to remove many scenes from the game because it affected the plot rhythm, despite the fact that some of them were quite advanced. You can read about those clipped moments (obviously, there are spoilers) in this link.

The Last of Us Parte II Imagen 1

The Last of Us Parte II It has been available on PS4 since June 19. Naughty Dog already working on a game single player for the next generation.


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