The Ford Mondeo was introduced as the successor to the Ford Sierra 29 years ago. The American manufacturer made a good horse with the sedan and station wagon type, although over time, its popularity in the market began to decline significantly. Last year, it was announced that production of the Mondeo would be discontinued, and in fact, it had only been available with diesel and hybrid propulsion for months.

A few days ago, on April 4, the last copy of the Mondeo was made at a Ford plant in Valencia: based on a photo shared by one of the brand’s product engineers about the farewell, the model’s European career ended with a gray hatchback.

Source: Federico Ertl / LinkedIn

The Mondeo has survived for four generations, and its sacrifice is largely due to the much greater market demand for RVs and SUVs, clearly pushing sedans and station wagons into the background. The trend is also evident in the annual sales figures: in the UK, 86,500 Mondeos were sold in 2001, compared with only 2,400 in 2020.

After the farewell of the Mondeo, only the Focus and Fiesta of the classic models remained in Ford’s offerings. However, the fate of the two – mainly – hatchback models is also questionable, as the current generations will run out in 2023 and 2024, respectively, and the manufacturer is increasingly focusing on electric cars, following the example of most competitors. It is planned that from mid-2026, all models will be available as plug-in hybrids, while the full electric switchover will take place at Ford by 2030.

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The Mondeo isn’t the first and only single victim of a tangible SUV invasion so far – for similar reasons, the Ford Insignia has been mowed and Volkswagen only produces a station wagon from the Passat. However, there are manufacturers that still stick to tradition: Škoda has recently confirmed the arrival of the new Superb, but the Peugeot 508 and Toyota Camry, among others, will remain in Europe.

Nonetheless, the fifth-generation Mondeo was unveiled just three months ago, but it was already developed in China and will be manufactured exclusively there. We wrote in detail about the new Mondeo here: