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The last Soviet partisan sentenced to death was buried

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The remains of the 35-year-old shot guerrilla P. Prusaitis-Lapė were hidden, and the Lithuanian Genocide and Resistance Research Center searched and identified the partisans in the Antakalnis cemetery in Vilnius, called the “Orphanage” cemetery.

“Most partisans deliberately chose the armed struggle, determined to fight until the restoration of the independent state of Lithuania. The resistance that has lasted for ten years is unique in the history of Lithuania in terms of duration, universality and the balance of forces unfavorable to partisans. The struggles for freedom of the past inspire us and remind us of the great cost of independence, ”says Minister of National Defense Arvydas Anušauskas, emphasizing the importance of knowing history and due respect for partisans who fought for Lithuanian freedom.

Partisan Pranciškus Prusaitis – Lapė buried in Kėdainiai district, Gudžiūnai cemetery

© KAM / Alfredas Pliadis

Representatives of the Ministry of National Defense and the leadership of the Lithuanian Armed Forces took part in the funeral ceremony. St. Mass Gudžiūnai St. Bishop Jonas Kauneckas and the dean of Fr. Norbert Martinkus. Soldiers of the Honor Guard Company of the Lithuanian Armed Forces fired salvages of honor and remembrance, melodies performed by the trumpet player of the Air Force Orchestra sounded, the Ministry of National Defense reports.

1948 unwilling to serve in the occupying army, 20-year-old P. Prusaitis joined the ranks of partisans – Romualdas Šukis-Jogaila platoon in Kudirka district. 1949 In August, P. Prusaitis-Lapė accompanied other partisans to Southern Lithuania, accompanied by Petras Bartkų-Žadgailas, Head of the Organizational Division of the LLKS Defense Forces Staff. During the march, the partisans were surrounded by large occupying forces. Famous partisans P. Bartkus-Žadgaila, B. Liesys-Naktis, V. Šniuolis-Svajūnas and part of the escort were killed in the battles of the swamps. P. Prusaitis-Lape managed to break through with several partisans. 1952 February 16 P. Prusaitis was awarded the 3rd degree cross of freedom struggle for courage in battle.

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After the restoration of Lithuania’s independence, P. Prusaitis-Lapė was awarded the Officer’s Cross of the Order of the Vytis Cross (after his death), and was granted the status of a soldier volunteer and the degree of a major.

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