The last “supermoon” of the year arrives: how and when to see it – Night Shift

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The last “supermoon” of this year will take place on the evening of this Thursday; However, since Wednesday night you can already see the satellite with more brightness than usual.

It is also called “The Flower Moon”, because the satellite will look “larger” because it will be orbiting at the point closest to Earth.

For those who wish to observe the “supermoon” this Thursday, the moment of maximum splendor will be at 10.45 am of the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), and in Argentina, it will be 7.45 am.

For its part, the Virtual Telescope Project website will broadcast the astronomical event via streaming.

Look at the postcards of the moon this Wednesday

Photo by Sofía Tuesca of Marcos Juárez.

Photo by Miriam Mansilla de Santa Fe.

Photo by Olga Peschiutta from Miami.

Photo by Omar Mueller Passerino from Lago Huechulafquen, in Neuquén.

Photo by Nura.

Photo by Marcela Bugdud from Catamarca.

Photo by Yani Quispe from San Luis.



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