The Latest Facts about Indonesian Citizens, Financial Facilitators for ISIS, Revealed by the Police


New facts regarding five ISIS financial facilitators from Indonesia were revealed by the National Police. Three of them are strongly suspected of being in Syria and two others have been convicted in Indonesia.

This was revealed by the Head of the Public Relations Division of the National Police Inspector General Dedi Prasetyo when confirmed, Wednesday (11/5/2022). The allegation was conveyed by the Police after tracing the travel documents.

“Two women, Dwi Dahlia Susanti and Dini Ramadani, are strongly believed to be currently in Syria, it is known from travel documents. Another is Muhammad Dandi Adiguna, based on his father’s statement that he is already abroad, maybe in Syria,” said Dedi.

2 People Legally Processed

Dedi said two others, namely Ari Kardian and Rudi Heriadi, had been subject to legal sanctions in Indonesia. Ari was sanctioned for facilitating the sending of people to Syria. Meanwhile, Rudi was sentenced to 3.5 years for deportation from Syria.

“Detachment 88 has processed the law in Indonesia. Ari Kardian has cleared his case of facilitating the sending of people to Syria. Ari has been sentenced to two times, the first and second sentences, 3 years,” explained Dedi.

“Rudi Heriadi was sentenced to 3 years and 6 months in 2019 because he was only released because he was a deporter from Syria,” he added.

Densus Continues to Monitor 5 Indonesian Citizens, ISIS Financial Facilitators

In addition, the National Police Anti-terror Detachment 88 continues to monitor the five Indonesian citizens who are financial facilitators for ISIS.

“Densus has carried out continuous monitoring of the 5 Indonesian citizens,” said Dedi.

Dedi said the National Police would coordinate with Hubinter to find the whereabouts of the five Indonesian citizens. In addition, the Police will cooperate with Interpol.

“Specifically those who are suspected of still being in the LN (overseas) will be communicated between the NCB Hubinter and Interpol in the countries suspected of being the Indonesian citizens,” he said.

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