The latest news in Kuwait today «Health» praises the role of medical and scientific forums in strengthening the health care system in the country


(KUNA) – Assistant Undersecretary for Dental Affairs at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Yousuf Al-Duwairi, affirmed the ministry’s support for medical and scientific forums that will enhance cooperation with regional and international medical centers to improve the health care system in the country. This came in a speech delivered on behalf of Health Minister Sheikh Dr. Basil Al-Sabah during the opening of the 13th annual Urology Conference on Saturday under the slogan “Men’s diseases of masculinity and infertility,” which lasts three days with international participation. Al-Duwairi added that the aim of the conference is to enable Kuwaiti doctors to familiarize themselves with the latest diagnostic and treatment protocols in place worldwide, pointing out that scientific research is the first steps to reach solutions to the health and health problems suffered by society. He said that human health is the cornerstone of the progress and well-being of peoples and that standing on the latest protocols represents an important pillar of upgrading the health systems, stressing the ministry’s efforts to keep up with the rapid progress in all medical specialties and benefit from them. For his part, President of the Conference Dr. Adel Al-Henayan told Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) on the sidelines of the opening of the conference that the total number of reviewers of clinics (infertility and non-reproduction in men) in Kuwait hospitals reaches about 3000 thousand references annually, indicating that the high sugar rate reflected negatively on the increase in number Auditors. “The rate of infertility in Kuwait is 15 percent, 60 percent of which is attributed to patients with diabetes and complain of weak sexual ability,” he said. He pointed out that the latest findings of modern science in this area is the exploratory surgery of the microscope in search of sperm in the testicle. He pointed out that the conference will discuss the latest findings of scientific studies and medical research in the diseases of masculinity and infertility in men in eight main axes, including 29 lectures and workshops involving 14 consultants from the United States of America, Britain, the Netherlands, India, Egypt and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. He pointed out that during the workshops will review the methods of using sonar for diagnosis and methods of using laparoscopes with kidney surgery, pointing out that all axes will discuss the causes of poor reproduction in men and ways of treatment and ways to access the appropriate diagnosis. The head of the Scientific Committee of the Conference, Dr. Daleem Al-Hajri, said in a similar statement to KUNA that the infertility of men is witnessing an increase in the Gulf societies due to the impact of the prevalence of obesity and diabetes diseases and high rates topped the world averages. Al-Hajri said cases of male infertility were either in the form of a small number of sperm or because of the impact of movement or because of lack. He pointed out that he will address the cases of lack of methods and the use of surgical microscope developed as well as the negative effects of varicose veins and the impact of lifestyle and obesity. He explained that one of the reasons for non-reproduction of sperm reflux into urine, which often affects diabetics, pointing to the importance of highlighting the analysis, which should not be overlooked to analyze the condition. He pointed out that the conference will discuss many issues, including the disorder and the impact of hormones on the fertility of men and methods of treatment, explaining that the opinion of scientists and specialists participating in the conference on the role of stem cells in the treatment of male infertility. He pointed out that the Kuwait Institute of Medical Specializations (KEMMS) will give the doctors participating in the lectures 14 points of continuing medical education and 3 medical points for the participants in the workshops. News The latest news of Kuwait today «Health» praises the role of medical and scientific forums in strengthening the health care system in the country – you can see the source of the original news from the following link: Home Kuwait The site of the unit disclaims its full responsibility for the contents of any news, but the responsibility rests with the original publisher of the news.


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