The latest news today, where German scientists have succeeded in developing small helical robots, characterized by its ability to move through the eyeball to deliver the drug in a fast time. The robots have been developed using nanoparticles, a technique that can produce 200 times smaller elements than a human hair, according to the Telegraph, the Max Planck Institute of Intelligent Systems and the University of Stuttgart. Using a slippery coating made of a magnetic material, robots can walk through the thick liquid that forms the majority of the eye, called the "glass mixture".

 Some 10,000 small robots were injected into the eyes of dead pigs and then controlled using a magnetic field to deliver the drug to the retina in the back of the eye for less than 30 minutes, 10 times faster than eye drops. Scientists said the study gave them hope that "small compounds" could be used to treat eye diseases quickly and effectively, such as glaucoma or glomerular edema, and scientists were now to test robots in the eyes of a living animal. If successful, they could start testing on human patients. This content (the last news small robots transmitted through the eye to deliver drugs in a fast time) Moved by the search engine Egypt 24 and was transferred as it is from the source (Arab Yemen), and does not express the point of view of the site and the policy of liberation, but is the responsibility of the news and health on the original publisher Arab Yemen.



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