The latest photos of India Martínez cause heart attacks: surprise with …

India Martinez continues with his tour ‘Palmeras Tour‘ for all Spain, and although he goes every week from city to city, he has also had a space to celebrate his most special day: his birthday. A little over a week ago that of Córdoba He turned 36, but it was the singer who made the gift to his followers, and not the other way around.

The artist has shared in her social networks, more specifically in Instagram, a series of photos to celebrate his 36th birthday, and what better way to do it than to show that his figure still looks like it did before he turned thirty. “How does one more year feel?” He asked his followers, accompanied by some of the most sensual photographs, where he shows his impressive body.

Her fans have been left with their mouths open after seeing these images, and they have not hesitated to congratulate her and flatter her figure. Wearing black shorts and a black blazer with gold trim, the Cordovan looks at the camera as only she knows and leaves us mesmerized. We cannot deny that India Martínez remains young and with a great body, since it jumps with the naked eye.

Something that is undoubtedly great for her to face her tour and all the shows that still have to be done in Spain, demonstrating her particular energy and power on stage, which make her unique. Without forgetting his incredible voice, which fills every place where he sings with feeling.

India Martínez meets again with Córdoba

But without a doubt, one of the most special places in which he has already sung on ‘Palmeras Tour’ has been Córdoba, his hometown. It was one of the most anticipated appointments on his tour schedule. India Martínez was returning home and the expectation was maximum. So much so that practically the entire family did not want to miss the appointment. And it was there that the artist left everyone speechless by hugging her grandmother and dedicating one of her best-known songs to her.

With his latest album, which is named after Palmeras, He is traveling throughout the national territory, although without a doubt the fact of returning home holds a very special corner in his thought. For years it has become one of the most recognized voices and did not want to miss the opportunity to pay tribute to the land and the neighborhood where it was born and grew.

So much so that the album itself – the eighth of his career – is named after that neighborhood where he began to sing his first songs and where his grandmother witnessed the innate talent of a young woman who is already a star.