The latest Saudi-Palestinian news releases the first “secret application” for free social networking


Reading time: 1 min “Al-Ahsa Today” – Al-Ahsa A Palestinian engineer, a specialist in software engineering and information security, launched the first confidential social networking application and made it available to users free of charge worldwide. Palestinian engineer Ahmed Batu, a software and information security specialist and chief executive officer of CyberOne, announced the launch of the new application, a move that will turn the standards into social networking and application, especially amid the recent uproar over privacy violations. By many social networking platforms topped by Facebook. The YouZ allows users to share photos and text messages without having to mention names among their friends, who automatically recognize their friends by accessing their contact list or connecting to other social networks like Facebook and Twitter, Without knowing each one of them to the identity of the other. “The application of Joz is a social network in itself. What distinguishes it from other applications is that you, as a user, do not have a profile, and the communication and response between users is only through a randomly selected image when adding all Suspension. The application allows the user to view anonymous posts in a region, country, or other sorting criteria, including the most popular posts, allowing them to get to know the world’s latest developments by looking at the region’s interests, hot topics and latest developments within Alastoori. The application features sharing secrets and making your opinions without revealing your identity, not knowing the identity of the author of the secrets and publications from your friends or other users and all the data is encrypted, as well as access to publications near you, new and famous in your country.

News Latest News Saudi Arabia launches the first “secret application” for social networking for free – you can see the original source of the link from the following link: Ahsa today The site of the unit disclaims its full responsibility for the contents of any news, but the responsibility rests with the original publisher of the news.


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