The latest video from the local lingerie brand “Amoralle” causes a confusing discussion on social networks

The video, released on Wednesday afternoon, shows several popular women in society, including singers Olga Rajeckas, Aminata, Samantha Tina, Marta Grigale, Patrisha, politician Dana Reizniece-Ozola, accordionist Ksenija Sidorova, actress Darta Daneviča, doula Katrīna Puriņa and others.

All agreed on a common song – John Lennon’s “Imagine”.

“We are all united in this. We are women. It matters. We believe in humanity. We believe in the power of femininity, tenderness and negotiation. We do not support violence, aggression or injustice. We believe in equality, diversity and acceptance. Every life is relevant, “says Amoralle in a video posted on the Instagram site.

As a large part of the public has criticized this video, the company deleted it after 5 hours, but the video has not completely disappeared from social networks.

This video of the Latvian lingerie and nightwear brand has caused quite a lot of discussion on social networks.

Twitter user Sanita recalls the recent scandal, when model and TV face Māra Sleja announced the termination of cooperation with Amoralle, because the company does not pay the models a proper remuneration for the shows.

One of the most popular comments left on the Instagram video is, “Absolutely not delving into the problem, and that’s why many see it as a mockery of the current situation in the world. The only purpose of this video was to brighten up the brand and each person’s public image. to be an inclusive brand? Produces abnormally overpriced clothes for only one size slim women, pushing for femininity and complexes that you can only be a woman through sex appeal, gesture, crying and velvet pencil cases? Where is this equality in your brand where there is no other race or plus size models, not crumbs of reality. Get out of your pink bubble finally. ”

“We sit at home and sing a song in the hope of getting Instagram money from the views, while people are killed on the street every day because of their skin color. Wow, “Amoralle, “you’re both so great woke. Erase that idiocy, close your mouth and donate money to people who can’t afford to sit at home and sing, “said another comment.

One of the people involved in the video – radio personality Sanda Dejus points out that she sang her song line already in April, which shows that this video was most likely intended for a different purpose than in the current context in the United States.

The company itself has not participated in the discussions.

Related news has already reported that the protests, caused by the death of African American George Floid during the police detention operation, have been unending for eight days in the United States, and tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets of the United States again on Tuesday.

In New York, protests have escalated into clashes with police, store demolition and marauderism. Major demonstrations and rallies have also taken place in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Atlanta and Seattle.

Despite the violence, a majority of Americans support the protesters, according to a poll conducted Monday and Tuesday.

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