The latest viral optical illusion that expands a loop over vision. Deia, News from Bizkaia


What number do you see? A new optical illusion viralized in social networks suggests that depending on what number you see in that image you have a type of vision problem:

3246: astigmatism and myopia

3240: astigmatism

1246: myopia

1240: you have no vision problems

Maldita Ciencia, platform devoted to dismantling hoaxes that circulate on the Internet, has not been slow to deny such theories, speaking with several experts: "It has nothing to do with your own refractive error, if this were true we should all see the same if we take our glasses or lenses with the appropriate graduation, or without correction some people who do not need it, and we still doubt, "said in statements to Maldita Ciencia Elena Rodrigo, associate researcher in the Pharmacy and Optometry division of the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health of the University of Manchester.

It is simply a blurry image that can generate confusion regarding the numbers it shows.


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