The latter’s response • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Dr. Saud Al-Shehri responded to the question of “Maha Mansour”, presenter of the “Sawalef Ramadan” program, about criticizing some people via “Twitter” for doctors who appear on social media, commenting, “The doctor’s place is his clinic to treat people, not social media, because the doctor is not a fashionista He sits for hours on social media to become a trend.

Al-Shehri said during an interview with the “Sawalves Ramadan” program broadcast on the “Rotana Khalijia” channel: If we apply the words of these people, the social media will be empty of doctors, engineers and scientists, and what about this talk, even government departments have a department of public relations and media.

And he continued: I mean, when I make a video, how long does it last, just seconds, or two minutes, and they say 24 hours sitting on social media, I can and I finish the program and go out, I take out the phone and shoot a video until I reach the main gate and close it and that’s it.

And about his goal of publishing the videos, Al-Shehri said: I make videos so that I want the poor people to know, and there are people who impersonate me through social media and other doctors, but people are not stupid, and they know who the real doctor is who impersonates the doctor, and in Saudi Arabia in particular, fraud has no place, And whoever impersonates a doctor or others will not survive.

And he added: What I do is the smartness of knowledge, for God Almighty threatens those who conceal knowledge, and when I tell people to be exposed to sunlight for 20 minutes a day, it makes your body benefit from vitamin “D”, and many people do not know that, and some patients come to me and say “Dr. Teach me,” although the patient has the right to be taught by the doctor everything.

He explained: By God, the trend or fame is never my goal, and there are videos that settle the trend, and I only know when someone tells me. My goal is a poor man in his house whose doctor does not explain to him and does not inform him of what he is suffering.

Al-Shehri recounted his situation with a hypertensive patient who does not take his medicine, saying: “Once a person told me that he is a hypertensive patient and does not take his medication, because in his understanding he says, “A small pill is the one that controls my pressure for me?” So I explained to him in a way that he could understand since he is old. And his heart’s suspicion of the earth, and that medicine is necessary for the arteries to expand and receive blood, just as the earth needs distilled water.”

And he continued: This is what prompted me to turn to social media because we must be close to the patient, and because I care more about prevention.