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In 2021, The Laughing Cow® is celebrating its 100th anniversary by celebrating laughter and its positive power over our lives. Despite her advanced age, she hasn’t aged a bit, and continues to wear a hilarious expression that invites you to see life on the bright side!

Since all this time, its famous recipe for melted cheese, in its individual triangular portion, continues to delight young and old all over the world, and especially in Morocco, where the iconic brand is part. integral to the culinary heritage of the homes
Moroccans for almost 60 years.

To celebrate its centenary, The Laughing Cow® is launching an international campaign, putting laughter in the spotlight through the unforgettable Charlie Chaplin and all the moments in life where a simple burst of laughter allows us to move forward by playing down the small and big difficulties.

To bring this message to Morocco, Fromageries Bel has chosen to associate the image of The Laughing Cow® with a local laughing legend: Abderrahim Tounsi, alias Abderraouf. The brand thus pays tribute to this emblematic figure, loved by all, who has accompanied several generations of Moroccans in joy and good humor.

On the occasion of its anniversary, La Vache qui rit® had to go further in its desire to contribute even more to the progress of Morocco and to the improvement of living conditions and the well-being of all.

This is why the company Fromageries Bel Maroc, already invested in various causes serving the most vulnerable populations, is now committed to education in a specific area which is a national priority: preschool.

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The Laughing Cow® invites the general public to join this great cause, in a unique, fun way and without any obligation to purchase, by asking them to contribute by recording their laughter on the participatory platform www.da7katlkhir .com.

The more consumers will respond to this invitation, the more the La Vache qui rit® donation will be in favor of the creation of preschool schools. Everyone’s laughter is precious. By sharing it, you increase your power!

To invest in this area, Fromageries Bel Maroc has chosen to join forces with the Zakoura Foundation, a public utility association, which has been working in Morocco since 1997 in favor of human development through education. The objective, from the year 2021, is to allow, thanks to The Laughing Cow®, the creation of preschools in remote regions.

For once, as part of these festivities, La Vache qui rit® will also offer a new and limited edition design of its famous round box, entirely red and white, very modern, and featuring a refined cow. whose contours we never make out in full, but where the emphasis is on his expressions: his mouth which laughs out loud or its sparkling eyes which convey good humor, sometimes both!

Through these initiatives, La Vache qui rit® wishes to remind everyone of the benefits of laughter for body and soul. She invites each of us to devote even a small moment of our day to laughing and having fun, and by laughing doing good for ourselves while acting in solidarity for the future of our children. . Healthy and tasty La Vache qui rit® processed cheese as part of a balanced diet, and plenty of laughter, associated with a positive education, this is a winning combination for a healthy life!

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Source: Official press release