The lava from the La Palma volcano devastates the home of an Avillan family residing on the island | BE Gijón | Today for Today Gijón

A family of Avilés residents on the island of La Palma suffered on Sunday morning from the relentless force of the volcano whose lava has completely destroyed their home. The news was given live on the program A Vivir, which is two days from Asturias, a man from Gijón, also a resident of the island, who is precisely in Asturias developing various solidarity actions with La Palma where he works as a military man.

This is José Alberto Blanco, a resident of the island for 22 years, married to a palm tree with whom he has turned to collaborate in humanitarian aid to displaced people or those who have lost their homes or livelihood due to the devastating effects of the volcano. The Gijonian military, stationed in the El Fuerte barracks, carries out his work in El Paso, a place where a large part of the displaced are concentrated and the vast apparatus of both the UME, the army or civilian in charge of the tasks of eviction and attention to those who have lost their homes or are at real risk of doing so, the case of this Avilesina family whose situation José Alberto Blanco was aware of minutes before recounting the response that the solidarity appeal is having in Asturias. “Some unfortunate news has reached me, which has happened to a countryman of ours who has been directly hit by the lava from the volcano,” he said at the beginning of the live interview. “A huge hug to Pablín de Avilés and Bea, his wife, I was just watching the images that his house has just been devastated by lava “the military man revealed with great emotion.

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The family has not run physical risk since it had been taken in by relatives and in the face of the danger they were in, they had already evicted all possible belongings from their home.

Solidarity action from Asturias

On Saturday in the basin and Sunday in Posada de Llanes, the Gijonian military man took advantage of his vacation days in Asturias to raise funds, more than 500 euros only bet on several sections of the Central Mountain Rally where they located a food track The Pirate Ship with palm tree cuisine , whose proceeds will go entirely to the city of El Paso.

Step It is the largest municipality on the island, the only one not bathed by the ocean and it is located in the center of La Palma. Its population, which barely reaches 7,500 people, has multiplied since the displaced began to arrive and also the military and civilian troops who come to collaborate with the evicted and care for those who have been left without housing or work.

José Alfredo Blanco from Gijón is one of the soldiers from the El Fuerte barracks who has been tirelessly carrying out these tasks. During his vacation days in Asturias, he has decided to continue with his work organized for this weekend a solidarity action with which he intends to raise funds that will be paid in full to the account of the El Paso City Council. On Saturday at the Cuencas Mineras Rally and on Sunday at the fifth edition of the Enduro ‘Villa de Llanes’.

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The El Paso City Council supports 500 daily menus and not only helps the evacuee. It also works on aspects such as cleaning of terraces with the aim of “saving as much as possible”. The military man has been stationed in La Palma for 22 years and both he and his partner have helped from the first moment. In fact, her partner’s parents live north, four kilometers from the volcano. They do not have the threat of lava, but they are suffering from the tremors, smells, noises and the ash that comes from the area.