The law of orientation and success of students: university presidents denounce a lack of means


About fifteen universities are still blocked because of opposition to university entrance reform. Some university presidents refuse to classify student requests on Parcoursup, in principle, but also for lack of means. Fifteen universities are still disturbed by a protest against the law Student Orientation and Success (ORE) . In Nanterre Monday, April 16th, the partial defenses had to be postponed , as in Rennes or Toulouse. At the center of the discontent, the Parcoursup system, a new method of admission to the university, which requires the facs to peel the wishes of high school seniors and classify them to not accommodate more students than they do. can. A provision now also challenged by university presidents. Lack of time, means or ideological reasons, many of them refuse to sort the files of future students. They then decided to say yes to everyone not to select them. This is the case in Poitiers, Rouen, Lyon 2, Bordeaux Montaigne, or Pau. “To put in place a law of this magnitude, which for a number of points are extremely positive, requires means, underlines Rachid El Guerjouma, who chairs the University of Le Mans . The fact of not putting some means obeys the law somewhere and actually does not allow us to work in good conditions. Rachid El Guerjouma, President of the University of Le Mans at franceinfo For the president of the University of Rouen, Joel Alexandre, “all students will receive a favorable opinion”, he assured. “As the device Parcoursup, we will have a situation close to last year” , he told franceinfo. “We are able to accommodate all students without ranking he explains. Apart from eight sectors under tension, there should be no problems for the other thirty “, He said. But the selection is made according to him “failure and abandonment of a good number of students” . As Rachid El Guerjouma, l he president of the University of Rouen is not opposed to reform, but considers it “does not have all the means at its disposal to implement it” . As for courses and exams, they should all be maintained according to him. For the time being, these refractory presidents are a minority, but Khaled Bouabdallah, vice president of the conference of university presidents, does not deny the difficulties. “This is the first year of implementation of a reform important and ambitious. This obviously requires a time of learning, it also requires means, it has been said for a long time ” , he explains, while recalling that ” if you say yes to everyone and you do not have enough room behind you, you will have to welcome everyone you said yes to. ” For some presidents, another solution to the demographic boom would have been to increase the number of places in the facs. It would have been less difficult to put in place but certainly more expensive. The report of Célia Quilleret. Read also Related topics


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