The lawyer has denied the detention in Austria of an ex-official of the Ministry of Culture of Mazo

MOSCOW, Nov 7 – RIA News. Russian lawyer of the ex-head of the Department of the Ministry of Culture Boris Maso, accused of embezzlement, denied reports of his detention in Austria.

"Mazo was not detained, but was taken by Austrian police for questioning in Vienna, for what reason – I don’t know. The RF IC knows where he is, they could contact him," lawyer Vladislav Musiyaka told RIA Novosti on Thursday.

The arrest in Austria of a former senior official of the Ministry of Culture of Russia, RIA Novosti, was reported by the Spanish National Police, which suspects him of money laundering.

The police refused to name the person involved, noting only that he allegedly laundered the money received in Russia illegally, having bought a mansion in the fashionable resort of Marbella for 4 million euros.

Maso is a defendant in two high-profile investigations of large-scale thefts at the Ministry of Culture. In the first case, the so-called “case of restorers” about the theft of 100 million rubles, he escaped a long term and was released immediately after the verdict was announced.

When Mazo became a defendant in the second case, the theft of 450 million rubles, he was no longer in Russia. As the investigation noted, it was not possible to establish his exact location, but it is clear that he is abroad. In this regard, the court issued a warrant for his absentee arrest.

The investigation considers the former deputy minister of culture Grigory Pirumov to be the main organizer of these scams. He has already managed to visit both the pre-trial detention center and the dock in the first case, and now he is under house arrest. Now two more criminal cases are being investigated against him.



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