Federal and capital authorities arrested David "N", aka the Pistache, alleged leader of the Tepito Union, one of the criminal gangs identified as causing violence in Mexico City.

At a press conference, Omar Hamid García, chief director of the Criminal Agency of the Attorney General's Office, reported that eight members of this criminal organization had been arrested in several operations in the mayorships of Álvaro Obregón and Benito Juárez.

David "N" is accused of being the alleged coordinator of Unión Tepito when he is in charge of the sale and distribution of narcotics, replacing Roberto Moyado, alias El Betito.

He is also accused of extorting businessmen from restaurants and nightclubs and sexual exploitation in the Condesa, Juárez and Satélite neighborhoods.

Likewise, Daniel Eduardo "N", the main collaborator of David "N" and possible in charge of the distribution and logistics of narcotics was captured. During the dawn of this Tuesday, the federal agents also gave fulfillment to three orders of search in different domiciles located in the colony Narvarte Poniente, pertaining to the municipality Benito Juárez, where the assurance of a total of six possible members of this organization was achieved criminal, who served as collaborators.

Authorities informed that they knew that at the precise moment in which the operations were carried out, the members of the criminal organization would be gathered in the aforementioned homes to carry out the financial administration of the resources obtained in the different illicit activities.

They added that upon noticing the presence of federal personnel, these individuals assaulted the soldiers with firearms, who repelled the attack and wounded a possible criminal, who was transferred to a health institution, where he remained stable.


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