The least expected admirer: a number one in the world is a fan of Alexis Sánchez

With your talent and skill, Alexis Sanchez It has gained millions of followers around the world. His contribution to multiple institutions and the most important football leagues has remained in the history of clubs such as Colo Colo, River, Barcelona and Arsenal, among others. However, in the Gunners he established himself as one of the best footballers in England and a number one in the world showed his fanaticism towards number 17.

Alexis Sanchez He defended the Arsenal shirt from 2014 to 2018, in that period the Wonder Boy established himself and achieved the maximum peak of his entire career. The Gunners loved the Chilean striker and Tennis number one at the time and Arsenal fanatic Andy Murray openly expressed his love for the current Inter Milan footballer. On social networks, his older brother and also a tennis player, Jamie, was in charge of publishing the evidence.

Murray with Alexis’ 17.

In this photo posted on December 25, 2015, Andy Murray points to the number 17 on the jersey of Alexis Sanchez along with his brother, who posed in the Manchester United jersey. It should be noted that the top scorer of the Chilean National Team became a footballer for the Red Devils after passing through the Gunners.