“The legs and the head”: the “health” application, the procedure

Walking is not an intense sport, but from a certain age, it becomes the only accessible physical activity. Because it is a sport, moreover excellent for health.

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Sports reporter

Par Stephane Thirion

Published on 2/06/2023 at 15:13
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A Unless we stayed with the clamshell cell phone that was only used to make phone calls (what happiness!), we have, for the most part, acquired a smartphone. The author of these lines not being of the young connected generation, he was surprised, like certainly many of us, by an incredible number of logos on the home screen, and with this question : What’s the point ? On some mobiles, there is the presence of a heart and, no, it is not a dating site or a list of potential gifts for Valentine’s Day.

If you have never used this application, which is offered to you free of charge, open it: it will quickly become your daily companion because it virtually worries about your health. This popular app is basically a pedometer, a digital activity tracker that measures the number of steps or step-like movement (walking, running, climbing stairs, climbing stairs, etc.) .

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2023-06-02 16:11:39

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