The LFP gives the Chamois a lost match after the deprogramming of Niort-Valenciennes

Meeting this Wednesday in application of the protocol for the organization of Covid-19 matches, the LFP Competitions Commission decided to give Chamois Niortais a 3-0 loss after examining the rescheduling of the Niort-Valenciennes FC meeting of December 22 counting for the 17th day of L2.

The match had been rescheduled. According to her, the Deux-Sèvres club had no “not been able to provide medical follow-up certificates from his sports delegation”. However, the Chamois were opposed to it: according to them, the decision had been taken “in agreement” with the LFP in view “the development of the health situation within [leur] effective “.

Three players had indeed tested positive for Covid-19, “and at least nine others as well as three staff members showed symptoms”. With this success on the green carpet, Valenciennes finds itself 11th with 24 points, one unit behind Niort.