According to Alexander Huțuleac received on Wednesday a warrant of preventive arrest after the Tuesday morning attack with the sword a fighter of the Police during the crackdown made in a case in which the man was suspected of drug trafficking. Now, in addition to the crime of drug trafficking, according to have to answer for the charge of attempted murder. Wednesday, in front of judges who have ordered the preventive arrest, Alexander Huțuleac has not shown much remorse. Tudor Sălăjanu, lawyer interlopului, said that it regrets the act committed, but he regrets the incident itself. “We pray… no, No regrets his deed. He regrets the incident. The only thing we can do, both he and his family, is to pray for the health of the agent’s head hit with a sword,“ said Tudor Sălăjanu.

However, the tragic incident which has fallen victim to officer Dan Ciprian Sfichi could have been avoided if another investigation in which Alexander Huțuleac is the protagonist would not have dragged on for more than a year. Recidivist is a repeat offender, being arrested, in 2016, for drug trafficking. Subsequently, he was placed under judicial control, until October 2017 when I got up and this prohibition.

Lie: “I’m Going to Spain”

Alexander Huțuleac, said, “Dutu”, escaped judicial control in the folder in which the file was searched for the formation of an organized criminal group, drug trafficking, high-risk and money laundering after he told instaței that he wants to leave to work abroad. The details appear in the judgment of the Court of Suceava, which has admitted on October 13, the request interlopului. “I want to go to Spain, I have a job offer there. I don’t have to support the family, I measure judicial review of a year and three months”, explained Huțuleac. Recidivist was arrested in this case, for a few months, then it was investigated in state of freedom, subject to judicial review. Under this measure, he was not allowed to leave the Suceava county and had to report regularly to a police station. The defender’s Huțuleac given and other details of the court that his client has a job offer the farm as a worker in the kitchen of a restaurant. Huțuleac have together with his girlfriend, a minor child, who is in kindergarten, “and requires some additional expenses.” “There is given an income of 1,200 euros, and accommodation and food”, explained the lawyer.

Offer for the post of dishwasher

the Defender filed and a document from July 2017, which would be income from a business Spanish. It is about a job offer for the post of dishwasher. In front of the judge, the prosecutor DIICOT and showed doubt that the offer of employment would be truthful: “it is well known that, in this country the unemployment rate is very high.” In addition, the prosecution pointed out that the Huțuleac would be got in touch with a person who was not allowed to speak, in violation of the measure of judicial control. But the court decided to lift the preventive measure.

the Tribunal in Suceava has motivated the lifting of judicial control by the fact that the investigation in this file has been opened in a year ago and two months, and that there is no risk of tightening modality of completion of the criminal prosecution. “The defendant is aware of the allegations, has defender ales and stable residence in Romania, as the provisions of criminal procedure and the modalities of international judicial cooperation in criminal matters at EU level is a sufficient guarantee that the conduct of the proceedings may not be hampered by the behavior of the concerned,” explained the judge.


meanwhile, the agent of the special forces cut off with the sword of Huțuleac is struggling between life and death. His condition is critical, being intubated to the Intensive care unit of the Hospital of Neurosurgery in Iasi. The prognosis remains reserved, announced, Wednesday, the doctors in Iasi. “No changes have occurred in the state of health of the patient. Is admitted to the Icu, being intubated and ventilated. May occur at any complications, injuries being severe. The prognosis is still extremely reserved,“ said the doctor Tudor Ciuhodaru, the spokesman of the Hospital of Neurosurgery in Iasi.

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