The life story of the late preacher “Abdullah Benama” and the reason why his father prayed for him to break his neck!

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Al-Marsad Newspaper: Media outlets revealed details about the life of the late preacher Abdullah Banama, his transformation from an athletic boy to a preacher, the reason why his father prayed for him and his paralysis, and information about his wife.

reason Prayer mother on him

According to the media, the late preacher mastered self-defense sports, while swimming was one of his most prominent talents, and in 1993 he was at the time studying in high school, and his father decided to go to him in his room and ask him if he smoked cigarettes but Abdullah, who was smoking cigarettes Indeed, he was afraid of his father, and lied to him, denying it. It was only from his father that he answered him: “If you are a smoker, God will break your neck.”

incident swimming

And the media reported that after this incident, he escaped with his friends from school, and went to the pool, and Abdullah wanted to compete with his friends, and decided that he would jump in the pool from a distance longer than them, but as he approached the water, his neck fell below his body, and it broke. He stayed under the water for about 15 minutes, until people came and took him out and took him to the hospital.

paralysis Quadruple

And it was reported that he suffered a fracture in the third, fourth and fifth vertebrae in the neck, and he stayed 4 years in the hospital, during which he performed 12 operations, 6 of which were in the neck only, and he was quadriplegic.

advocate Famed

And she continued, he chose the path of calling to God, and Major Sami Hammoud decided to interview him on Al-Majd TV. The meeting turned him into a famous preacher throughout the Islamic world, and his story and patience aroused the admiration of a girl until she decided to marry him.


And the media added, according to the trader, that the preacher’s wife insisted on her father marrying her off to him, as she insisted on him as well, while information mentions that the wife, who works in women’s memorization centers, was blessed with a daughter from Abdullah.

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