“The Lincoln Lawyer” Season 2: Will the Netflix series continue?

The TV landscape is rich in lawyers: be it the notorious Ally McBeal, the windy Saul Goodman, the eccentric Danny Cane or the courageous Alicia Florrick – lawyers are always good for exciting, controversial and also unusual stories.

New to this squad is Mickey Haller from the Netflix series “The Lincoln Lawyer”, who, with his idealistic worldview and enviable nonchalance, doesn’t solve his cases from a law firm, but from the back seat of his Lincoln Town Car. At the same time, of course, he also has to face personal problems, above all his past.

Haller is portrayed by Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, and the role itself is based on the novels of bestselling car Michael Connelly. One of his novels starring Lincoln, The Client, has already been made into a movie.