“The Lion and the Three Bandits: A Heartwarming Tale of Tolerance and Inclusion”

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Welcome to Cardamom, the most peaceful city in the world! The baker prepares her rolls, the shoemaker repairs the shoes and the weather forecast always announces good weather: nothing could cause trouble among the inhabitants. Nothing, you say? That’s without counting three funny scoundrels by the name of Casper, Jasper and Jonathan, who have taken it into their heads to venture into town… and beware, they have a lion!



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The Lion and the three robbers: a nice musical tale to see at the cinema from 3 years old

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A famous writer

Rasmus A. Sivertsen previously adapted a first work by Thorbjørn Egner, In the Enchanted Forest of Oukybouky (2016), before tackling The Lion and the Three Bandits in Norway. The director explains: “Thorbjørn Egner is one of Norway’s most famous writers and The Lion and the Three Robbers is probably the most famous story in the country. I grew up with Thorbjørn Egner’s books, his radio plays and the
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An innovative technical process

The Lion and the Three Robbers is a combination of three-dimensional sets and CGI characters. It is the first feature film to use this technique, as Rasmus A. Sivertsen explains: “We originally planned to shoot a stop-motion film, but the pandemic made filming impossible. So we spent a year to film all the backgrounds of the film with a reduced team, in full confinement, then we created
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news message

The Lion and the Three Bandits presents a powerful social and moral point of view: “To begin with, the message of the novel is still relevant! The story tells of the need for tolerance and inclusion in order to live in a group, in society. I am more than happy to transmit such principles to the younger generations. The film defends the equal value of each individual, whether they are marginalized or not. This is a fundamental principle. My
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