“The Lion King” inspires the profile music – Franziskusgymnasium Lingen

On January 25, 2023, music-interested schoolchildren from the Franziskusgymnasium were able to experience the musical “The Lion King” in Hamburg together with their five music teachers.

Around noon, the participants left and took the bus to the Hanseatic city. Once there, two hours of free time offered the opportunity to visit some landmarks. For example, the “Hamburger Michel”, the warehouse district and the cult market “Penny an der Reeperbahn” were explored in small groups. Strengthened by a meal, the crossing to the “Stage Theater im Hafen Hamburg” was started on the Elbe ferry. At 6:30 p.m. the curtain finally fell and the monkey lady Rafiki opened the performance with the song “Ewiger Kreis”. The audience was impressed by both unusual costumes and captivating and rousing sounds, which were characterized by an African style. Fascinating, captivating, exotic, galactomatic were just a few adjectives that could be heard on the return trip. Tired from the eventful day, the group returned late in the evening. “All in all, a well-rounded affair,” reported one student. We learned from a teacher: “The short night is worth it for that”.

Impressions of the musical trip here in the video
(Size about 160Mb)