The Lionel Messi effect: PSG could increase its commercial value to $ 2,576 million | Football | sports

The club has two axes to explore thanks to Messi. The first, the “royalties” obtained from the sale of their shirts with the colors of PSG.


Not only a football magician lands in Paris. Lionel Messi is a marketing giant whose image can help increase the value of the Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) brand by up to 20% thanks to its ability to attract big brands and new television markets.

This is how the economist Vincent Chaudel estimates it in statements to EFE. Currently valued around 2,000 million euros ($ 2,342 million), PSG is still far from the giants Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, ​​who are among the 3,000 million ($ 3,514 million) of appraisal, according to recent studies.

Although that pit will be reduced with the signing of Messi, predicts Chaudel, a specialist in sports marketing.

“This transfer will reduce the value of FC Barcelona and increase that of PSG (owned by a Qatari fund for 10 years). It is worth remembering that the value of French club was 1,000 million ($ 1,171 million) before signing Neymar and Mbappé (in 2017). Today it is priced at about 2,000 ”, he indicates.

The expert gives as an example social networks to check Messi’s weight. The six-time Ballon d’Or winner has, for example, more than twice the number of followers on Facebook than PSG himself: 100 million ($ 117 million) versus 40.

“This example helps to explain the dimension of such a player. The more audience, the more the brands are interested ”, he asserts.

Taking into account these impacts, Chaudel calculates the revaluation of the PSG brand by 20%, until the 2,200 million euros ($ 2,576 million). That rise is very likely to happen already in the first season of La Pulga, he predicts.

The club has two axes to explore thanks to Messi. The first, the “royalties” obtained from the sale of their shirts with the colors of PSG. The Parisian entity has just renewed its kit contract with Nike until 2030.

When Neymar arrived in Paris in 2017, the increase in the sale of the shirts was exponential, reaching one million per season. In a single day, 10,000 “jerseys” were bought with the Brazilian’s 10.

Despite his 34 years, the Messi brand will still be active, according to the expert. “He is a player who does not wear out physically much in games. Look at Federer or Tom Brady, they are 40 years old and they are still a reference ”.

Television rights

The second axis is international television rights. The French League has just closed a very low agreement with the diffuser Amazon for 80% of the matches for 250 million euros per season for the French market.

An amount that is added to the 332 million ($ 388 million) contributed by Canal + (reluctantly subcontracted to BeIN Sports). A total of 663 million ($ 776 million), half of what the Spanish League generates, for example.

However, international rights, belonging to BeIN Sports until 2024, are little exploited, between 80 and 90 million ($ 105 million) per season. The Premier League achieves about 1,500 million euros ($ 1,757 million) in international rights each season and the Spanish League about 900 ($ 1,054 million).

“When the League negotiated that amount, there were Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Messi and Zidane; today all four are gone. It’s paradoxical, ”says the marketing expert. (D)