The lira drops to its lowest level.. the opposition blames Erdogan

After the Turkish lira fell by more than 1%, hitting a new record low of 9.74 against the dollar in early Asian trading, against the backdrop of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s announcement to expel the ambassadors of 10 countries, the opposition condemned this measure and the reactions continued.

The leader of the opposition Good Party in Turkey, Meral Aksener, criticized the move, and announced that her party, along with the rest of the opposition parties, is seeking to restore the parliamentary system instead of the presidential system that is currently in force, which gives the Turkish president wide powers.

Aksener said in a speech in Istanbul while attending a celebration marking the fourth anniversary of the founding of her party, on Sunday, that her party will work to get rid of the country’s party presidency system that put it under the rule of one person, with the modified parliamentary system that will make parliamentary duties more effective.

It also added that it will implement the provisions of the Istanbul Convention to reduce domestic violence and violations against women in Turkey, pledging a greater role for women in all areas of life, including the future government.

“The lira is melting”

In turn, the leader of the Turkish opposition, Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, condemned the actions of the Erdogan government, accusing it of not relying on competencies in running the country, and said that the state cannot be handed over to one person.

Kilchdaroglu also added in his speech in Izmir, that there is a concept called efficiency, which guarantees giving jobs to those who are competent, in order to manage the state well.

He commented on the current economic situation, saying that the Turkish lira is melting as snow melts in the sunny day, and that the winter will be difficult, and the poor will be exhausted, as he put it.

“Deep Poverty”

While the head of the Democratic and Progress Party, Ali Babacan, fought Erdogan’s economic policy, and said in a speech in Istanbul, that for the sake of stubbornness, Erdogan had brought the entire nation to the depths of poverty, according to him.

Turkish lira

“I said before, the whole Republic of Turkey has become an experimental laboratory for Mr. Erdogan’s wrong thesis that was imposed years ago. I’m sorry, the esteemed people of this country are not Mr. Erdogan’s guinea pigs,” he said.

It is noteworthy that the Turkish lira had fallen to a new record low by more than 1% on Sunday.

And the lira reached record low levels already, after the central bank announced a cut in the interest rate by 200 basis points, despite the increase in inflation.

In addition, the move constituted a shock, which economists and opposition representatives described as “reckless”.



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