The list of celebrities banned by Ferrari after breaking the rules of use of their cars

Ferrari is one of the most luxurious brands in the world and wants its customers to be distinguished by elegance, respect and good taste. That’s why keep a set of rules of use of their cars that must be fulfilled yes or yes. Otherwise, it does not allow you to repurchase a unit.

The last case that came to light was that of Justin Bieber, which was vetoed by Ferrari after painting its 458 Italia neon blue. The manufacturer considered it disrespectful and banned him for life from buying any of his vehicles again.

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The Canadian singer, who once lost his Ferrari after a party and later wanted to auction it off, is not the only celebrity who will never be able to buy a Prancing Horse car because of his unacceptable attitudes towards the brand.

The celebrities that Ferrari has banned

  • Floyd Mayweather: He is one of the best boxers in history (for many, the best) and by far the richest. What problem could Ferrari have with him? That he buys his cars only to show off and soon sells them. The brand considers that he does not respect his works of art.
  • Kim Kardashian: A rumor indicates that the model and businesswoman is blacklisted by Ferrari for having accepted one of its machines as a wedding present from a financial swindler. That goes totally against the automaker’s image rules.
  • 50 Cent: The rapper once complained through his social networks about the difficulties his 488 had to start, since the battery was discharged. Ferrari did not take his public statement well and forbade him to buy one of his cars again.
  • Nicholas Cage: tells the story that the actor had the pleasure of buying a Ferrari Enzo for a figure close to a million dollars. So far so good, but at one point he had financial difficulties and got rid of it, something that the manufacturer did not like at all. Another banned…
  • Chris Harris: The famous British car tester is a “bad word” in the Ferrari offices after writing that the company made sure that all the iron publications gave their cars good scores after the tests. From now on, from Maranello they denied him and denied him to try and buy his cars forever.
  • Deadmau5: In 2013, the rapper pimped his 458 Spider inside and out in the style of Nyan Cat (it’s a video game). To make matters worse, he was encouraged to change his name: he named it Purrari. The modifications fell very badly on Ferrari and the authorities added him to the list of prohibited customers.
Floyd Mayweather was banned for quickly selling his Ferraris.
Floyd Mayweather was banned for quickly selling his Ferraris.
Justin Bieber and his blue Ferrari.
Justin Bieber and his blue Ferrari.
Deadmau5 y su "Purrira"a 458 tuned to the Nyan Cat style.
Deadmau5 and his “Purrira”, a 458 tuned in the Nyan Cat style.
Chris Harris testing one of the Ferrari models.
Chris Harris testing one of the Ferrari models.